Month: April 2017

Maintaining Your Ride In The Right Way

by AustinSato

Getting a car for the first time can be very exciting but young people are not the most careful. Many of those first cars end up with dinged up doors and banged up fenders, mostly because they are still learning to drive. But when you use a car carefully, it can last a very long time, almost enough till you can afford one yourself. So until you get a better car for yourself, here are some things you should do to maintain the one you have.

Check and Double Check

The key to longevity is care. And care begins with being vigilant about the state of your vehicle. If you get into an accident on the road and your glasses are scratched up, do not drive back home thinking that you can get it fixed later. Call the mobile windscreen repair here and have them come find you. Similarly, check the brakes, the lights, the gas, the oil and anything else you can think of to make sure they all work before you set off again. One of the main reasons why vehicles break down often is that owners keep riding them too hard while something small is wrong with it; once the problem becomes too large to fix, it’s going to cost you a packet.

Forget the Band-Aid

Another mistake that people make is to try to fix small problems when you need to change the whole thing. For instance, you cannot expect to repair it when stone chip repair is the order of the day. A scratch in the glass is fine but if there are cracks running through it (even at the very end where it doesn’t interfere with the driving) there is always the chance that one hard break could send the glass shattering. Do not go out on the road with problems that need fixing by buying parts to be replaced. Always take your vehicle into the shop.

The Car Doctor

Some vehicles run like a dream for years and never cause any problems for their owners. However, these are the vehicles that you should definitely take in to be serviced every few months because they are the ones that usually break down with no warning. If a human being needs to check with his or her doctor every 6 months, then a car needs to go to a service centre for a full check-up at least every 3 months. The mechanics will make sure that everything works as it should and that your vehicle continues to run in tip top shape.

So don’t forget to check your car regularly, fix all problems promptly and keep sending the car to a professional every few months to ensure long lasting use.

4 Major Areas In Your Car To Inspect Daily For Proper Maintenance

by AustinSato

Sometimes maintaining a vehicle is a tedious task as it needs to be done regularly in order to prevent breakdowns often. It is helpful to think that your car is a set of mechanical devices all assembled together to take you from one place to another rather than thinking of your car as one complex machine. Proper maintenance of your vehicle can significantly prolong the longevity of the usage of your vehicle thus some important areas for regular maintenance are mentioned below:

The tires of one vehicle can vary from one another greatly and comes in many sizes and shapes. One of the important areas to check is depth of the tread and if the tread wear lines are visible, this is a sign that your tires are worn out and need to be replaced. The tires need to be thoroughly checked and is usually one of the first things checked if your vehicle is sent to a mechanic at Wedgefield. Moreover, the tires must be checked to see if they are inflated at all times. Tires are designed to operate on air pressure that is specific for each type of tire hence it is essential to ensure that it is in its proper condition.

Oil checks can be easily done regularly by locating the dipstick inside your vehicle. Pull it out and wipe off the oil initially, next slide it back in and carefully look at the new levels of the oil in your dipstick. If it has multiple lines, the top most line indicates that there is full or enough oil. These are typically done in all cars, buses or trucks. Even cars or buses for sale can be inspected for oil leaks and so on using this same method.

The accessory belts driven by the crank pulley helps to power the steering pump, alternator, air conditioner and many more in the engine. There is always a possibility that these belts can be worn out torn in due time therefore, you can visually check for damages, tears or cracks in these belts and replace them accordingly.

Next, the car lights are essential in order to see at night and also visually signal the traffic. Therefore, ensure that all your lights, including headlights, signal and tail lights are functioning properly. Furthermore, if you see any dashboard warning lights that are unusual, it is best to look in to it immediately. Most of these warning lights are universally understood and are typically for low tire pressure, brake systems or excessive engine temperatures.