Common Brake Problems In Cars

Whenever there is a problem in the restraint system of your vehicle, it can be airbags, seat belts or brakes, you will have to consult in an experienced auto technician to look in to your problem. Most of the time you will not understand their jargon or the suggestions that they make. It is not because those systems are advanced, but because you are not familiar with the causes and results behind those faults. It is necessary to have at least a basic knowledge about common faults and problems in your vehicle in order to get a best out of a qualified technician’s advice. Following topics cover many common faults in braking systems.

Squishy pedal

This is one of the most common yet most dangerous symptom in a faulty braking system. If you feel squishy and smooth when you push the brake pedal down, you should immediately stop your vehicle and look in to the problem. You can call a mechanic Mulgrave straight away too. This is caused by a pressure drop in your braking system. A slight pressure drop can happen by a leak in the piping system or a leaking in master cylinder. This leak can be external or internal. The best solution to a faulty master cylinder is to replace it with a new one, since it is one of the most crucial components in a vehicle.

Vehicle tends to pull to a side when brakes are applied

You might have seen this in movies; a car that gets pulled to a side when braking, but you sure don’t want that to happen to your car. It is dangerous and it is one of the most common faults as well. This can be caused by two main reasons, faults in tires or a frozen caliper. The latter tends to be the most common reason. A caliper can be frozen because of the piston being stuck in the bore. This can happen either by an over burnt piston or by a gradual deposition of carbon.

Shaky steering wheel

This can be easily identified when you are driving on a high way with a moderate speed. If your steering wheel gets shaky when you apply brakes in your vehicle, it is a fault and one of the most common ones too. This problem is caused by a couple of possible reasons and some of them are easily fixable. If the front rotors of your vehicle are warped, it can be a reason for a shaking steering wheel. This warping occurs due to extreme heat and due to impressions caused by pads. However, this can be repaired easily through a qualified auto service and they will resurface those warped rotors.

When it comes to safety, you have to know as many causes as possible to obtain a higher security. The more you know about your vehicle and braking systems, the better, always.